Splendid Illusions

To love, to behold… to view the splendour of you
To kiss your lips, to run the back of my hand along the contours of your cheeks
To love so deeply, so completely, so intensely, that all existence seems to fade next to your smile,
To cry, such deep tears, such wells of sorrow at the realization of your absence
To vow to never love again
To never love again regardless of the vow
To dream an eternal, romantic, idealistic dream of you
To wish I could be the ointment to your wounds
To realize I hold the knife in my hand that caused those wounds
The dagger I wish was driven in me
The pain I wish you were spared, and I to endure
The love I wish to show you
The hate I wish to spare you
The sorrow I wish to part from your tender spirit
The loneliness I yearn to strip from my existence
The void I thirst for you to fill with your sweet voice
Dripping with sweetness
Flowing with purity
Creep into my arms
Curl into my soul
Wet my eternal essence
Be as we were, innocent and pure, and all the hope in the world
Tears never cried
Untrue obscenities never spoken
To hold you so close as to fuse our bodies, time and tense into one complete, perfect, circle.
But most of all…
I wish for you to be complete my love
With, or without me…