Entangle my spine with your impurities.
Suffocate my being, pollute my brain with your relentless lies and brutal emotional abuse.
Make me out to be the evil one in this duet.
Don’t you hear my internal screams, my subconscious teeth gnashing, pounding, shivering, and pulled without the benefit of an anaesthetic?

You will find however:
I don’t care any more… for the more you belittle me, the more you shame me, the more flesh you rip from my bones, the less there is of me that you’ll have in the end.

You were so rich when we first met.
You became wealthy the day I gave you my heart.
But then you spent me like some devalued currency.
Now there is just this.
What is left?

My suspicions were correct:
Your sedative seduction has left you with a corpse.
A shell.
A membrane filled with memories.

Memories will only feed your soul for so long.
Then you too become alien, unrecognizable to your loved ones, an embarrassment to your comrades, gravy to the dogs.

I see a smile on the faces of the ones that used to openly curse your name in the streets, as your cadaver is dragged through the mud: Their moment of triumph. They are the only ones to find peace… no wonder… they were the only ones who prayed.

They have been answered.

A memory…
A recollection…
A mere glimpse into the past…
A blind eye to the future…
That’s what you turned out to be…
And my love for you has dragged me down there with you.

There is no reward for unconditional love.
Unless you’re a masochist!