A reckoning of an ancient sin…
This divide between us
This chasm that has kept us apart for lifetimes
These shackles that keep us chained
These weights
These heights
These breadths
These tears
These smiles
This love I cannot give you

So what are we to do my love?
What do I tell my heart?
It won’t stop loving you
So set in its stubborn ways
So stuck in the days of Romeo and Juliet
And I keep telling it:
Get real… we’re not in Shakespeare

And yet it won’t stop believing in tomorrow
It won’t stop hoping that you’ll be in my arms one day
And it keeps telling me to believe
To trust
To persevere
To preserve this paradigm
To hold on to the hope of ages
That two souls will find a way
Two hearts joined
Two rivers flow into the same ocean
Two tears fall on the same rose

And the words
They keep on coming
These words I promised myself never to speak again
The I-love-you’s
The I’d-die-for-you’s
The I’ll-wait-for-you’s

A tear on my pillow
A hope in my heart
A letter in my hand
A promise in my head
A kiss on my lips
And a heart in my outstretched hands

These are for you
Waiting for you
Praying for you
Believing in you
Breathing for you
Smiling at you
Making lines on my face
Trusting in tomorrow

Till you’re mine…